Police besiege thousands of Zamalek ultras gathering outside club

Thousands of Zamalek Football Club ultras calling themselves “White Knights” gathered outside the club on Wednesday and chanted slogans against the players and the administration, as security forces besieged the ultras in an attempt to prevent them from storming the club.

The ultras set fire to the croquet court cafeteria Security forces used tear gas and shot cartouches in the air to disperse them. Ambulances transported some 30 people who were injured or suffered suffocation.
The ultras blocked Arab League Street and Sphinx Square that lead to the club, causing traffic jams in the area. Also, shops outside the club were closed.
The ultras said they wanted to purge the club from “traitors and losers” and would not leave until the Board of Directors was removed and coach Helmy Tolan is dismissed. They also chanted slogans against chairman Mamdouh Abbas.
The Board of Directors had postponed a decision regarding Tolan until after the match with the Congolese Leopards on Sunday.
Zamalek was defeated 4-0 last Sunday by its traditional rival Ahly Club in the fifth round of the African Champions League. This has diminished its chances at reaching the semi-finals.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm