Palestinian envoy injured in Prague residence blast

AFP The Palestinian ambassador to Prague, Jamal Al Jamal, was seriously injured in a blast in his residence on Wednesday, emergency services told AFP.

Quoting sources close to the police investigation, the news site said the blast was probably caused by “careless manipulation with a dangerous explosive.”

The site reported that it occurred as the ambassador was opening a safe.

“Emergency services treated a 56-year-old man who suffered very serious injuries and was taken to Prague’s military hospital in an artificial coma,” spokeswoman Jirina Ernestova said.

“A 52-year-old woman was taken to another hospital because of smoke inhalation and a stress reaction,” she added.

Embassy spokesman Nabil el Fahel told the public Czech Radio that the ambassador’s entire family had been in the residence when the blast occurred. also said the ambassador’s family had moved into the residence only recently.

Police said they were still investigating the causes.

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