Operation of East Port Said terminals mid 2020

Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal Economic Zone authority has announced soon accomplishment of SCEZ contracts with international companies for the operation of new berths at new East Port Said port so that to be operated mid next year.

Mameesh added that Mercedes Co. will be one of those international companies that will launch from new Port Said port as a global logistic center and ongoing are negotiations with other international companies and added that they have signed with a French company Ecoslopthat receive and treat oil wastes and pointed that the authority will soon announce implementation of a RO -RO terminal for cars and vehicles of berth length 600m and on an area of 270thousand m2 during coming two months

He added that the authority in cooperation with maritime and land transport holding company is about to execute Eastern berths for the operation of the terminal with the company CT3 of berth length 800 m in addition to the establishment of a logistic zone behind the first logistic zone terminal and on an area of 420 thousand ton

Vice admiral also expressed Suez Canal Company for containers desire for the extension of its terminal at East Port Said port so that berths length will reach 2950m for container handling.

Source: Maritime Transport Sector