One restaurant to unite us all

One restaurant to unite us all

Abo Ammar excels in deliciously filled wraps made out of Syrian bread (Photo from

Abo Ammar excels in deliciously filled wraps made out of Syrian bread
(Photo from

As is the case at many offices, we tend to build up a fierce hunger by midday, and so we order food. A lot. There are your obvious takeout choices, like burgers, pizza and other types of fast food, but these can be tough on tummies. Then there are the fancy places advertised as “fine dining,” which can be tough on the wallet.

I won’t lie; there are lengthy discussions and even fights on what we will order on any particular day. This happens largely due to the wide array of diets represented in our office. We have vegetarians, vegans and strict carnivores. And, when negotiations fail, we go back to ordering from two or three trusted favourites simultaneously so everyone is happy. However, there is one place that pleases all tastes, and it has been a staple for the past few months: Abo Ammar El Souri in Mohandessin.

The menu is varied; you have the regular meat and chicken shawerma sandwiches, appetisers such as hummus and tehina, and also fuul and falafel sandwiches. There are oriental soups such as lentils and kaware’, whole meals of chicken and beef, and even Indian kebab.

A favourite of the Art and Culture section is the Arabic falafel wrap. It consists of a type of falafel that is made of hummus, tehina, pickles and tomatoes all wrapped in Lebanese bread. The sandwich comes with a side of potatoes and pickles. It is a great option for vegans. What’s more, it fills you up so it makes for a hefty lunch, and tastes lovely.

According to the meat-eaters, the chicken shawerma sandwich comes highly recommended, rated as “succulent”…  albeit in need of pepper. Another carnivore favorite is the Abo Ammar Plate, which includes meat or chicken or a mixture of both with rice, bread, hummus, potatoes and vine leaves.

The prices are very fair; the Arabic falafel wrap costs just EGP 8, the chicken shawerma EGP 13, and the big Abo Ammar Plate will set you back EGP 37.

The combination of great tasting food, quick delivery and good prices has put Abo Ammar on the top of our delivery-favourites-list. And even if there are many nice restaurants in town, we doubt that any of them will replace it any time soon.

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