Officials: Egypt to import 180,000 tonnes of wheat

The Supply Commodities General Authority announced Egypt would import 180 thousand tons of Romanian and Russian wheat to make subsidized bread in an international tender, state-run news website Egynews reported Thursday.
The tender offered 120 thousand tons of Russian wheat at US$251 and 80 cents per ton, and the freight at $11 and 92 cents per ton, the website mentioned.
It added the deal included 60 thousand tons of Roman wheat at $252 per ton and the freight at $11 and 75 cents per ton. 
Wheat would be supplied on 21 October over 10 days, the authority said.
Mohamed Abu Shady, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade at Prime Minister Hazem al-Beblawy's cabinet, said the ministry would import wheat from several countries including the US, Russia, Romania, Canada, France, and Argentina.
He stressed that all imported wheat enters the country after being examined at ports by international firms and technical committees.