Below are the leading newspaper headlines for Saturday, November 25, 2017:

-An-Nahar: Washington informs Hariri of its commitment to stability

– Al-Mustaqbal: Hariri contacts Sisi, Lebanon expresses solidarity with Egypt

-Al-Hayat: Hariri-Hezbollah possible deliberations over consensus

-Al-Joumhouriya: Lebanon searches for solution to resignation crisis…cabinet change one possible solution

-Al-Liwa’a: Thwarting Israeli attempt to assassinate al-Mashnouq, Mrad

Aoun heads to Rome upcoming Tuesday…Hariri Support Group: Lebanon’s stability, support for legitimate authority a priority

-Al-Diyar: Mohammed bin Salman: Khamenei is Hitler, Hariri a Sunni Muslim- will not give cover to Hezbollah

Tehran: Al Saud Princes agents of Israel, rejected dialogue, leading Saudi Arabia towards collapse

-Al-Anwar: Egypt avenges victims of terrorist massacre in Arish

-Al-Sharq: Aoun: No intractable crises for us

-Middle East: Efforts to reconcile between Hariri, Geagea

-Al-Akhbar: Government fate on table of deliberations

-Al-Arabi Al-Jadidi: Massacre of Sufism Mosque: Biggest terrorist organization crime in Egypt

-Al-Bina’a: Massacre in Sinai, attempt to assassinate al-Mashnouq, Mrad … Israeli messages to Egypt, Lebanon

Source: National News Agency