National Human Rights Council to probe Kerdasa incidents

The National Council for Human Rights will form a fact-finding committee to investigate the results of the security campaign carried out  Kerdasa, Giza on Thursday morning.
The committee will consist of Shahenda Maqlad, Geroge Ishaq, Mokhtar Noah, Kamal Abbas and Mohamed Abdel Qoddous, who will be helped by researchers from the council’s general secretariat and complaints office.
The committee will submit its report to the council as soon as the investigation has finished.
Meanwhile, the Egyptian Union for Human Rights criticised the killing of Major General Nabil Farrag, who died in the Kerdasa operation, saying it supports the army and the police in their crackdown on terror.
In a statement on Friday, Nabil Gobrail, the head of the organization, called on the police to continue its crackdown on terrorism with the help of Egyptians.
The statement said that the police has observed all international standards and human rights in its raid on Kerdasa, and saluted the police and Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim for their work.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm