Moussa rejects Brotherhood isolation

Amr Moussa, chief of the 50-member constitutional committee, refused a constitutional article intended to isolate the Muslim Brotherhood members in a meething on Monday with several students at the committee headquarters.
Moussa said the electoral system should not be clarified in constitution but organized by law. “I believe this can be implemented through judiciary,” he affirmed.
The outcome of the 10-member constitutional committee has been used as a starting for the 50-member committee, although they have rejected many of the proposals.
Students raised many questions during the meeting. Moussa responded to questions about the armed forces in the new constitution, expressing appreciation toward it. He said discussions over any articles are not banned, any member can submit proposals over any of them. He denied that Major General Mamdouh Shahin, member of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, had said articles pertaining to the armed forces will remain as is during their meeting last week.
When asked about banning religious parties, Moussa said associations can target serving religions but asked how parties can working in field of politics could serve religion. He referred that if parties with religious backgrounds were approved, then we could have future parties on doctrinal basis which will would lead to division within society and then whoever is politically different would be considered atheist.
Religious parties have caused tensions within the society and led to the current situation, Moussa argued. No president can cede an Egyptian plot, however, the former regime allowed extremists to stay in Sinai. It released group of terrorists who stayed there. He added that people have been aware and cannot be deceived.
Moussa added that the constitutional declaration and presidential decree are clear that the constitution will be amended, however, the decree did not stipulate that specific articles will be amended, which assures that all articles of constitution are subject to amendment through additions and omissions. We will have then a new constitutional product which includes articles of 2012 and 1971 constitutions as well as others.
Moussa was also asked about administration system. He said there should be decentralization. Governors and cities’ heads as well as municipality councils should be elected. Egypt will not be developed without developing the local administration.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm