Misr Al-Qawia member missing

By Adham Youssef

The Misr Al-Qawia Party issued a statement on Monday condemning the “kidnapping of the  security general in Gharbeya, and a member of its high committee, Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Hamid,” who went missing on Saturday.

Mohamed Othman, a member of the party’s political committee, claimed that Abdel Hamid was arrested by the Egyptian Homeland Security. Othman added that Abdel Hamid is being held in the Al Sonta police station in Gharbeya, “The arrested member has not been sent to the prosecutor’s office and has not been charged up to this moment.”

“Abdel Hamid was kidnapped from his private clinic on Saturday, 4 January by personnel claiming to be members of the security apparatus,” the statement read.

The party held the Ministry of Interior responsible for the disappearance and called upon the country’s prosecutor general to intervene and start an investigation concerning the missing member. The statement added that the party is holding the Ministry of Interior responsible for  Abdel Hamid’s safety.

The party also showed its concern over a lack of reply from authorities after days of the arrest.

Othman said that “although the party contacted the prosecutor general, the presidency, and the Ministry of Interior, there hasn’t been any reply or official statement issued”.

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior has denied any knowledge of Abdel Hamid’s arrest. Spokesman of the ministry told the Daily News Egypt that, ” We do not have any information regarding this issue and the ministry has not issued any statement.”

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