Ministry of Foreign Affairs Affirms Egypt’s Ability to Defeat Terrorism

In light of the wave of cowardly terrorist aggressions that Egypt has witnessed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirms that Egypt is leading an ardent war against terrorism, not only in defense of Egyptian soil, but in defense of the entire civilized world. The terrorist operations that Egypt has witnessed have come in the context of the terrorist attacks carried out throughout the region and the world, most recently in Tunisia, Kuwait, France, and Nigeria, and earlier in Copenhagen, Stockholm, London, and New York. This confirms that the phenomenon of terrorism is a global one aiming to sabotage efforts for stability and development across the world, and makes it clear that all of these organizations are rooted in the same extremist ideology established by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928, and that all of them share the same objectives and enjoy a high level of operational coordination on the ground.

In this context, the Foreign Ministry recalls Egypt’s success in defeating terrorism in the seventies and nineties, and affirms that Egypt will undoubtedly overcome this hateful and ugly phenomenon again. The Egyptian people have vehemently rejected this phenomenon time and again and repudiated those who spout these sick ideas. The Ministry reasserts that this insidious terrorism will not weaken the institutions of the state and its security apparatuses, which stand alert and capable of deterring these criminal organizations and pursuing all of those who work for them. These people will find no haven in Egypt, a land of vast civilization which has gifted the world a message of peace, tolerance, and coexistence throughout the ages, and as such, Egypt will never be a home for terrorism, but will rather always reject and expel it. Egypt will continue to lead the line in the battle to defeat the enemies of humanity and defeat and uproot terrorism. Egypt will spare no effort in cooperating with the international community to end this phenomenon, through intelligence sharing, cutting off sources of funding for terrorist organizations, and combating extremist thought through our platforms of moderate thought headed by Al-Azhar Al-Sharif.

The people of Egypt stand strong and resolute behind their leadership and their army in this fierce war against terrorism, a war in which they will undoubtedly be victorious. With the arms of its youth, the vision of its leadership, and the unity of its people, Egypt marches boldly onwards, with firm, unshakable determination, to continue building and advancing on the road of economic and social development, with the aim of improving the living standards of the Egyptian people, creating job opportunities for its youth, and achieving social justice by undertaking massive national projects. Egypt is also striving towards establishing its modern democratic system, and continuing to regain its central role in Africa, the Arab region, and the world, so as to preserve the gains that were secured by the Egyptian people in two glorious revolutions which demanded and garnered the respect of the world, and out of aspirations to build a better future for all Egyptians after this despicable terrorist aggression is ended.