Ministers of Culture, Immigration, Solidarity, Antiquities Set up Initial Plan to Celebrate Egyptian Civilization Month in Canada

Minister of Culture met with the Ministers Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration and Egyptians Affaires Abroad, Dr. Ghada Wali, Minister of Social Solidarity and Dr. Khaled Anani, Minister of Antiquities, to prepare the initial plan of the Minister of Immigration’s proposal to prepare events for the celebration of the month of Egyptian civilization in Canada in July. This is done shortly after issuing the final decision by Ontario Parliament of Ontario in this regard, which enables the Egyptian community to officially celebrate their homeland and it is considered to be an extension of the celebrations of the anniversary of the glorious July Revolution that commemorates the birth of Egypt as an independent republic.

During the meeting, the Minister of Immigration pointed out that organizing a month for the Egyptian civilization in Canada come as a result of the efforts of Sherif Sabawi, member of the regional parliament in Ontario and the first elected Egyptian parliamentarian in Canada, confirming that Egypt supports its sons abroad. Egypt also aims at strengthening the relations with the other countries, and she valued the role of the Egyptian community in Canada, which is a positive model that promotes the achievements and history of Egypt in Canada. She noted that this event represents,for the first time, the official recognition of the Egyptians active role in the Canadian national multi-tributary community and it is a major development in the political activity of the Egyptian community, which reflects their strength and their political influence. She pointing out to the space that was given to the Egyptians to take about Egypt in the sessions of the Parliament and the organization of many activities in the Parliament building with inviting all parliamentarians to them, which reflects the efforts of the Egyptian community in this decision-making circles. In addition to the official ceremony that is hold to raise the Egyptian flag on the parliament every year, she also praised the Canadian government’s recent decision to update the guidelines for its citizens to travel to Egypt.

For her part, The Minister of Social Solidarity said that this participation is the first activity of the Ministry in Canada. In addition, she proposed to organize an exhibition of traditions, traditional handicrafts, clothes produced by Egyptian women, pottery and products of different materials to reflect the diverse nature of the Egyptian governorates, in addition to organizing an exhibition of the products of the homeless children – to be within the plan of foreign exhibitions. She also noted that these exhibitions would move parallel with the artistic events to be displayed in a number of Canadian cities.

Furthermore, The Minister of Antiquities stressed that this event is a promotion of Egyptian civilization and it provides an opportunity to introduce the achievements made in the country and the huge implemented projects in Egypt. He suggested that the events might include a number of lectures dealing with the history of Egypt since the Pharaonic era and shedding light on its cultural heritage. Plus, he suggested the idea of launching an invitation in various Canadian circles to visit Egypt and to get acquainted with its heritage and ancient civilization.

For her part, Minister of Culture said that the organization of Egyptian Civilization month in Canada is a new victory for the Egyptian soft power, as it achieves the State’s strategy in stating the identity of its children abroad and strengthen the spirit of belonging to the homeland in the hearts of the new generations. Besides, building bridges of communication with the other nations to highlight the Egyptian leadership in various fields, adding that the initial vision for the celebrations includes the organization of a cultural convoy, it includes a huge collection of events highlighting the distinctive characters of Egyptian civilization and creativity. It also includes an exhibition of the book, traditional characters, a variety of artistic performances, literary and poetry evenings with the participation of a group of media and young intellectuals and writers.

At the end of the meeting, the ministers agreed to prepare a memorandum for the proposal of this ceremony , to be presented by the Minister of Immigration to the Prime Minister , immediately after the decision of the Canadian Parliament on the coming 6 June to commemorate the month of Egyptian civilization.

It should be noted that the Egyptian Sharif Sabawi, a member of Ontario Canadian parliament, has submitted a draft Resolution No 106 for 2019 to the Parliament, which stipulates that the month of July will be declared the Egyptian Heritage Month, which allows the Egyptians to officially celebrate it in Canada. This decision was initially studies and the stakeholders of this study have expressed their initial approval, it is prepared to have a second study and open discussions about it on 6 June, it is also scheduled to be implemented immediately after receiving the royal approval. Therefore, every July, July will become a month of Egyptian civilization in Canada, in which The Egyptians will be proud of their ancient history.

Source: State Information Service Egypt