Minister of Culture Abdel Dayem is honored in Italy as a model for creative Arab women

The Catholic University of Milan Honors Enas Abdel Dayem , The Minister of Culture Abdel Dayem is honored in Italy as a model for creative Arab women.

Minister of Culture: The presence of Egypt, on the regional and international level, drew the attention of the whole world to the achievements of Egyptian women.

The Arabic Language And Culture Festival, organized by The Catholic University in Milan, honors Dr. Enas Abdel-Dayem, Minister of Culture , in its fourth edition entitled “Sheherazad Outside The Palace. What is the Effect of Women Attendance on Language, Literature And Arts”.

It is worthy of note that the organizing committee of this festival has chosen Abdel Dyem as a distinctive model for creative Arab women . The ceremonies were attended by ambassador Hisham Badr, Ambassador of Egypt to Italy, Dr. Mario Gatti, head of the University, Ambassador Ehab Abu Seri, Consul of Egypt in Milan, Dr. Jehan Zaki, head of the Academy of Arts in Rome, and a number of public and Arab figures.

For her part, Abdel Dayem dedicated this honor to all Egyptian and Arab women, stressing that the leadership of Egypt and its regional and international rank was a reason to draw the attention to the achievements of women in the local and Arab communities where many women have succeeded in achieving superiority in various areas of life. They are the women who have made a positive change in their private and practical lives, the thing that will be positively reflected on the future of our country.

The fourth edition of ” The Arab Language and Culture” Festival is held from 28 to 30 March, presenting many activities that reflect Arab culture, including :- book fair, cultural seminars, poetry evenings and artistic concerts.

Source: State Information Service Egypt