Military denies “coup” in new video

The Morale Affairs Department of the Armed Forces presented on Sunday a documentary film entitled “People’s army,” in which it stated that the events of 30 June and afterwards could not be defined as a military coup.
Military Spokesperson Ahmed Mohamed Ali posted the film on his Youtube channel, and, in it, he narrates the events that occurred ahead of President Mohamed Morsy's toppling.
The 30-minute movie explains that the political leadership under Morsy did not care for or listen to the military's proposals to solve the issues endangering the country.

It also stipulates that Morsy was biased towards the Muslim Brotherhood in dealing with political issues and that he did not fulfill the demands of those who took to the streets on 30 June demanding constitutional amendments, a cabinet reshuffle, and early presidential elections.
The video also denounces statements uttered during the conference in support of Syria. Ali says that Morsy’s supporters attacked patriotic figures and whoever opposed him.
The film also explains that Morsy's "statement of account" made "things worse" because it showed a lack of appreciation for the danger the country was in and the possibility of civil war.
The film also shows the protests against Morsy on 30 June and says that his speech given before the end of the 48-hour ultimatum was lengthy and included threats.
The film assures that the armed forces made the right decision on 3 July. The narrator concludes by saying that the military is a "patriotic school." Finally, it calls on political groups to persevere through the crisis to restore the hope of the revolution.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm