MFA Spokesperson: International community needs to continue its efforts to confront terrorism

Egypt participated in the Global Coalition Against Daesh Communications Working Group’s meetings, which were held on Tuesday March 12 in London. Egypt’s delegation was headed by Official MFA Spokesperson Counselor Ahmed Hafez.

In remarks following the conclusion of the London meetings, Counselor Hafez noted that the Egyptian delegation’s participation in the meetings throughout the day, came to primarily emphasize the significance of the stage the Global Coalition is going through at the moment. The progress achieved on ground against the ISIS terrorist organization should not be considered an end goal. The Spokesperson emphasized that the international community should continue its efforts to confront terrorism in all its shapes and forms without distinction. He further added that confrontation should not be limited to one or two organizations as all of them stem from the same ideologically extremist source.

In this context, Counselor Hafez explained that the battle against terrorism is intellectual first and foremost. He noted that all terrorist organizations fall under the same intellectual umbrella and are joined by the same extremist ideology established by the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood. The Spokesperson stressed the importance of intensifying the international community’s efforts to drain the sources of funding of these terrorist organizations and to limit their ability to recruit new elements, in addition to holding accountable all those who contribute to these terrorist acts whether by planning, funding, or providing arms, political cover, provocative media platforms, or safe havens to these terrorist elements.

In his remarks, Counselor Hafez mentioned that during the meetings, the Egyptian delegation presented a survey of national efforts and endeavors aiming to confront extremist thought. He noted the President’s initiative to renew and rectify religious discourse, in addition to the vital role undertaken by long-established religious institutions in Egypt to combat extremist thought. At the forefront of which are efforts by Al-Azhar, as well as the two observatory centers of Al-Azhar and Dar El Iftaa to refute misconceptions stemming from the takfiri ideology of these terrorist organizations and to develop a counter-narrative based on Islam’s real, tolerant values and the correct understanding of its principles and legislations.

Here, Counselor Hafez stressed the importance of including the principles of tolerance and coexistence in the media discourse and messages put forth by the Communications Working Group. In this regard, he noted the ‘Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together’, signed by the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar and the Pope last month. He further highlighted the Document’s principles of peace and tolerance, which serve as a guide for future generations.

Source: State Information Service Egypt