Maximum Wage Set for Supreme Constitutional Court Staff

Supreme Constitutional Court head Adli Mansour issued on Sunday a decision setting the maximum wage for the court’s staff at 42 thousand Egyptian pounds.

The decision applies to the court’s head, his deputies, the court’s commissioners and employees at its administrative body.

The decision confirms the reality on the ground, said the court spokesman Mohamed al-Shennawi in a press statement. He added that the decision complies with law 632014 which President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi issued on July 3, setting the maximum wage of any state employee at 42 thousand Egyptian pounds, which is 35 times the minimum wage (1,200 pounds).

In July, Shennawi denied rumours that salaries of court judges exceed the maximum wage and that the court hides this information from the Central Auditing Organisation, the Middle East News Agency reported.

Shennawi had added then that the court responds to all requests from the Central Auditing Organisation and that all financial records are always available for the organisation’s auditors to check.

Setting minimum and maximum wages was one of the most pressing demands since the January 25 uprising in 2011.

Source : Aswat Masriya