Maronite bishops call for approving new election law, fighting corruption

Maronite Bishops held their regular meeting in Bkirki and issued a statement including a series of requests among which approving a new election law and fighting against corruption.

Bishops strongly condemned “all the terrorist bombings that took place in several countries of the region and elsewhere, in particular the bombing of the Petrine Church in Egypt.”

“We ask God’s mercy to the martyrs of the Army and freedom to the prisoners. We see a glimmer of hope after the cease-fire in Syria and the efforts to end the war,” the statement read.

They also congratulated the government on gaining confidence and called for the adoption of an election law that guarantees proper representation.

“The elections must be conducted at their constitutional timing,” Maronite bishops said, stressing the need to “fight corruption in State institutions and stop all kinds of wastage.”

Source: National News Agency