Mameesh: 550 million dollar cost of Sukhna Second dock implementation

Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal Economic Zone authority said that cost of Sukhna Second dock implementation is 550 million dollar, pointing out it will be executed during May 2021.

He added that volume of achievement in such project that international Dubai ports owns it concession reaches 50% up till now, declaring that the company implementing the dock dredged it without using dredges, where water is withdrawn in a certain way to level minus 17for the first time in Egypt and said that dry dredging in general is done until minus zero ; which helps reducing project’s cost.

Mameesh assured that this second dock includes a berth of length 1350m that can have 4 vessels at the same time, as length of giant vessels ranges from 250-300m and noting that the aim of implementation of such projects in ports is the port’s capacity and increasing its capability in receiving a larger number of containers.

Source: Maritime Transport Sector