List of Recent Militant Attacks in Egypt

Nov. 24, 2017, Egyptian security officials say 305 people were killed by suspected Islamic militants in an attack on a mosque in the northern Sinai peninsula.

May, 2017, Twenty eight people were killed when militants opened fired on a bus that carried Coptic Christians who were making their way to St. Samuel the Confessor monastery in the southern town of Maghagha.

April, 2017, two churches were hit by suicide bombers in Alexandria, a coastal city, and the Nile Delta city of Tanta. The attack, during Palm Sunday services, killed at least 43 people and dozens were wounded.

December, 2016, a bombing at a chapel next to Egypt’s main Coptic Christian cathedral in Cairo killed 30 people.

October, 2015, a passenger airliner crashed in the Sinai Peninsula after it took off from Sharm el-Sheikh Airport. More than 220 people on board the Russian Metrojet plane were killed. Islamic State took responsibility.

July, 2014, a gunman associated with an Islamic State affiliate group attacked Egyptian police and military personnel with rocket-propelled grenades near a post in Egypt’s western desert at the Libyan border. Militants killed 21 soldiers.

October, 2014, another strike in the Sinai in killed 30 officials at a military checkpoint.

Source: Voice of America