The Egyptian Economic Mission, launched on Monday, a forum, organised by the Egyptian embassy in Beirut, in collaboration with the “Economy and Business Group,” under the auspices of Lebanese Minister of Economy and Trade, Alain Hakim, in the presence of Egypt’s Ambassador to Lebanon, Mohamed Badr al-Din Zayed, and ranking dignitaries.

Zayed stressed the importance of boosting Egyptian-Lebanese economic relations, noting that, “these ties are anchored in the field of development and exchange of construction materials.”

Minister Hakim, for his part, highlighted the significance of the Egyptian participation in the forum, “at a time when Lebanon is paying the price for Arab division, over the Syrian crisis.”

“It is such an honour for us to see the Republic of Egypt, with all its history and civilisation, willing to support Lebanon and its economy,” Hakim said.

Thanking all those who have made this forum a reality, Hakim said, “Following various intensive meetings and contacts, over the past year, to strengthen economic and trade cooperation between Egypt and Lebanon, we meet today to complete this journey, by taking serious and bold decisions, to join efforts and exchange experiences, so as to increase the effectiveness of cooperation within the two countries’ markets.”

“The construction sector constitutes a fundamental pillar of our national economy. It holds promising opportunities for cooperation between our two countries,” the Minister went on, expecting today’s forum to give wider strategic dimension in the development of economic relations between the two republics.

Source: MENA