CAIRO, Egypt, Visiting Kuwaiti Minister of Justice and Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Yaqoub Al-Sanea, and his Egyptian counterpart, Ahmad Al-Zend, on Tuesday, discussed means of bolstering bilateral judiciary and legal ties.

They agreed to reactivate the joint judiciary committee, to hold biannual meetings in both countries in turn.

The two ministers also vowed to work on developing judiciary cooperation agreements, in line with the relevant UN ones, extending them to include fighting corruption, terrorism and money-laundering.

During the meeting, Al-Sanea extolled the Egyptian judges in Kuwait, saying, they are working amid a climate of full keenness on independence of the judiciary.

He added that, the Egyptian community in Kuwait, who hit 700,000 people, working in various fields, are well-treated.

He affirmed that all expatriates in Kuwait, including the Egyptians, were receiving equal humane treatment.

For his part, Al-Zend stressed the importance of coordination and consultation between the two sides, as part of their bilateral strong relations.

In addition, he reiterated the necessity of adopting a unified stance among the Arab countries, for maintaining legislations that go in line with religion, customs and traditions.