Progressive Socialist Party Chief, Walid Jumblatt, met at his Mukhtara Palace this morning with the United States Ambassador to Lebanon, Elizabeth Richard, Egyptian Ambassador Yasser Alawi, and the United Nations Special Coordinator, Jan Kubis, with talks centering on the prevailing situation in the country and ways of dealing with the economic crisis.

Also present during the meetings were “Democratic Gathering” Chief, MP Taymour Jumblatt, Deputies Akram Shehayeb and Wael Abu Faour, Mrs. Nora Jumblatt, and Advisor to MP Jumblatt Hussam Harb, alongside a number of prominent figures.

Jumblatt kept his guests to a farewell luncheon in honor Ambassador Richard, marking the near end of her term of office in Lebanon. As a farewell token, Jumblatt presented Richard with the “Kamal Jumblatt Medal” in appreciation of her undertaken efforts.

Source: National News Agency