Jreij: Lebanon sticking to its Arabdom

Lebanon with a distinct Arab identity, vehemently sticks to precepts of Arab solidarity against formidable perils threatening us all, minister of Information, Ramzi Jreij, reiterated before colleague ministers at Cairo meeting today.

As I am honored to convey to you salutations from both people and government, I do hereby greet Egypt the host country in the name our poet al-Akhtal the younger, who’d sang the praises of an indissoluble Arab bond between our peoples and nations, the minister said.

Arab solidarity makes us all attain such a peace and stability prone to provide us with an umbrella for growth and prosperity, he added. As we reiterate our integral belonging to an all-out Arab consensus, we’ve endured now for a couple of years without a president and, a vacant first presidency is symptomatic of a chain of endemic socio – economic and political crisis reflecting negatively on our rapports with our Arab brethren, the minister admitted.

Thanks to Saudi – sponsored Taef Accords, Lebanon now enjoys such a civil peace prone to push economic prosperity ahead, Jreij stressed. Also urging Arab participants to lend all the backing they could muster to Nabil al-Arabi for his tireless working for a pan – Arab peace, the minister added that the official helped project a positive undistorted image of the Arabs.

Media dissemination remains free in Lebanon even though it is practiced with restraint particularly when it comes to dealing with our Arab brethren, Jreij stressed. Urging participants to come up with an anti – terror information blueprint, he added that the merciful compassionate image of Islam as projected by al-Azhar craves to be foisted as an integral part of any Arab information strategy.

Jreij then wrapped up on extending an invitation to all of his Arab colleagues at their convenience and preferably at a very short.

Source: National News Agency