Jreij bound for Cairo to participate in Arab Information Ministers Conference

Information Minister Ramzi Jreij said before leaving Beirut Airport en route to Cairo to participate in the Arab Information Ministers Conference, that “media at present time plays a major role, as it could be a tool of division or one of bonding between peoples.”

“Media could be a platform for terrorism or a platform for education and awareness,” Jreij said, noting that “Lebanon has anchored media freedom in its constitution, (…) but this freedom does not mean chaos or law evasion. That freedom must be practiced under the roof of the law so as to protect people’s rights and dignity, and thus prevent defamation to friendly states and their leaders.”

The Minister pointed out that his interventions during the conference will dwell on the fact that Lebanon is an integral part of the Arab consensus, and that “Lebanon’s Arab identity does not need confirmation.”

“Lebanon seeks to highlight Arab solidarity through which we can overcome all the crises afflicting in the Arab region,” he said.

In response to a question about the role of media in Lebanon and the region, Jreij said “Lebanon played a prominent role in the printed press,” adding that “Media Relations between Lebanon and Egypt are special as a number of Lebanese journalists were the founders of the Egyptian press.”

Jreij said he was trying to “help the printed press sector in Lebanon regain its role,” adding that “the relevant initiative put forward a few weeks ago is in the hands of the Cabinet which will thoroughly study it.”

Source: National News Agency