Joreij : Media people suffer during carrying out their mission

Information Minister Ramzi Joreij pointed out to the annoyances and violations which the journalists in the world encounter , stressing that media people immensely suffer during the course of their mission.

Joreij’s words came during a dinner that the ministry of Information held to the participants in “Arab Media and Change Questions “at “Diwan Al-Sultan” restaurant in Achrafieh under the minister’s auspices and presence.

In addition to the minister, the General Director of the Information ministry, Hassan Falha, Information Faculty Dean, George Sadaka, Information Faculty Directors Rami Najem (Branch one) and Gladyss Saadeh (Branch two) and a number of university instructors in the universities of Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morroco attended the dinner.

Joreij praised the conference and the scientific research which it has accomplished; pointing out that it came in the same time of an important memorial that of the press martyrs.

Joreij stressed that media and press are not just a job but a career, reminding of the press martyrs starting from the assassination of Nassib El-Metni in 1958 to Al-Arz revolution martyrs including some journalists as Samir Kassir and Gibran Tueini.

SOURCE: National News Agency