Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinian Reportedly Wielding Knife

Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian man who reportedly came at them with a knife Monday.

A brief statement from the Israeli military said the man approached a military checkpoint near Hebron with a drawn knife; the soldiers opened fire.

However, a Palestinian witness said the man was fatally shot by an Israeli settler and that the victim was unarmed.

Violence between Israeli forces and Palestinians has eased in recent weeks, in part because of intervention from Egypt and the United Nations.

A series of weekly protests along the Israeli-Gaza border erupted in March as Israel prepared to mark its 70th anniversary as a state.

At least 170 Palestinians have been killed. Israel said many of those shot dead were attempting to sneak across the border. It accuses Hamas, which rules Gaza, of using the protests as a cover for terrorism.

Many Palestinians are infuriated at the U.S. decision to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, along with the long-standing Israeli blockade of Gaza.

Source: Voice of America