Islamists condemn Mansoura bombing, Popular Current urges reconciliation

Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie on Wednesday condemned a bombing that took place after midnight on Tuesday in front of a police station in Mansoura, which killed one conscript and injured 29 others.

In a statement published on the Freedom and Justice Party's Facebook page, Badie said: "I condemn the bombing that happened at the Daqahliya Security Department, as well as any form of violence, whoever its perpetrator might be."

"Our revolution was peaceful. Nobody has provoked us or will provoke us to use violence. Our power lies in our peacefulness, unity, and faith in one God. Our case against the coup and for the return of legitimacy, the constitution, parliament and the president is just."

The Interior Ministry said that at approximately 12:30 AM Wednesday a blast resonated in front of Mansoura's First Police Station, located on the first floor of the Daqahliya Security Department. The incident led to the death of one conscript and the wounding of 29 people.

Jama'a al-Islamiya said it has no connection to the bombing and denounced all forms of violence that target public and private institutions and individuals, emphasizing that its protests are peaceful.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Jama' al-Islamiya called for an immediate and transparent investigation into the incident, saying, "the marches supporting [ousted President] Mohamed Morsy were staged far from the Daqahliya Security Department,” adding that an investigation must be conducted  in order for everyone to know the truth and to know whether this was an attempt by supporters of the "coup" to frame its opponents for an act of terrorism.

Ahmed al-Moslemani, media adviser to the interim president, said, “The Mansoura incident will not break our spirit. We won the war [on terror] before and we will again today."

The Popular Current also condemned the incident and said in a statement on Wednesday that the fact that more people are being victimized near Cairo and Mansoura shows that there exists organised terrorism that has nothing to do with a peaceful expression of opinion.

The statement added that controlling the violence on the street, which has evolved from clashes to organised violence incited by the Brotherhood, requires popular mobilisation and the formation of popular committees across Egypt that can cooperate with security bodies.  It also requires implementation of the law in order to deter perpetrators of violence.

The statement said that the recurrence of violent incidents demonstrates that national reconciliation is urgent and should be amenable to all political groups.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm