Interior Ministry: Pro-Morsy protesters were not peaceful

The Interior Ministry has called on political groups in Egypt to defend the peaceful expression of opinion after nationwide violence left nine dead early Tuesday.

The ministry said some Muslim Brotherhood and pro-Mohamed Morsy marches on Monday, particularly in Tahrir Square, Giza Square, Qalyubiya and Fayoum, had not been peaceful, in a statement posted on its official Facebook page Tuesday.

The Health Ministry announced on Tuesday that clashes that erupted on Monday and early Tuesday in Cairo and Giza left nine people dead and 86 others injured.

The Interior Ministry statement added that pro-Morsy marchers deliberately blocked roads, obstructed traffic and clashed with protesters in Tahrir Square with firearms and bladed weapons.

Police separated the two sides and arrested 66 rioters for possession of weapons.

The statement closed by saying the ministry will deal with all forms of lawlessness firmly and decisively.