In Paris.. Finance minister assures government’s interest of social reform program

Minister of Finance Mohamed Maait stressed that the Egyptian government is keen on the success of the economic reform program and boosting partnerships with international investors, as Egypt provides promising investment opportunities in all sectors, which paves the way to attract more investments. He also pointed out that the state gives great attention to human development sectors like education and health, acknowledging the importance of investment in the human beings.

Maait made these remarks during his statement at the Paris EUROPLACE International Financial Forum in Paris. He added that the state budget expenditure is directed towards the networks of social protection and investments in the education and health sectors.

The minister confirmed that government investments in health sector have increased by 47% and in the education sector by 70%. The current balance has witnessed a remarkable recovery thanks to the exports increase.

Mr Maaitadded that the improvement in the volume of investments as they are expected to contribute to the budget of 2019/2020, by 2.5% of the GDP, stressing that tourism and natural gas sectors witnessed a remarkable improvement.

Source: State Information Service Egypt