Hamas denies involvement in Sinai violence

Hamas denies statements by Egyptian Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim over its involvement in violence against security troops in Sinai
In a statement, Sami Abu Zuhri, Hamas spokesperson, expressed denouncement against Ibrahim’s remarks saying it reasons the crackdown on Gaza through closure of Rafah border crossing and destruction of the tunnels which has caused a humanitarian catastrophe.
In an interview with the privately-owned CBC satellite TV channel on Saturday, Ibrahim said, “We are aware of all those involved in accidents that took place in Sinai. Individuals from Hamas and Qassam brigades are involved.”
Meanwhile, Hamas’s media office has declared that security services released head of Egyptian community in Palestine Adel abdel Rahman after investigations with him were concluded.
In a statement, the media office said, “Abdel Rahman is a Palestinian citizen who doesn’t represent the Egyptian community. He was treated legally. The case has no political dimensions.”
Zeyad al-Masry, head of the Egyptian cultural center in the West Bank, earlier said Hamas police arrested abdel Rahman and confiscated the center’s computers. Local websites reported that Abdel Rahman was arrested after declaring his support toward the Egyptian military and ouster of ex-President Mohamed Morsy.
Interior Ministry of Hamas issued press release and denied it stormed the Egyptian cultural center adding that it only summoned the center chief according to request from prosecution to question him over criminal issues.
On Saturday, Egyptian Foreign Ministry condemned the arrest of Abdel Rahman adding it will not tolerate with such practices.