Hafez: Erdogan’s statements on Egypt ‘clearly filled with hatred’

In a statement issued by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Counselor Ahmed Hafez, the Spokesperson stated that Turkish President Erdogan has come out once again with statements about Egypt and its political leadership that not only clearly reflect spitefulness, but also his continued embrace and support of the terrorist Brotherhood. Such absurdities emanate from the individual who has committed the following:

– The detainment and imprisonment of 175 journalists and media workers.

– The incarceration of more than 70,000 political prisoners in Turkey, according to estimates.

– The termination of more than 130,000 government employees arbitrarily.

– The confiscation of more than 3000 universities, schools and educational institutions.

– Over the past two weeks alone, the issuance of more than 1,400 arrest orders against Turkish citizens, alongside punitive measures against dozens of academics and journalists and civil society and business community figures, including life-sentences against 16 individuals, who include defenders of civil liberties and opposition journalists, for exercising their rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

– This is in addition to the conviction of 27 Turkish academics for signing a petition in 2016 calling for an end to the 30-year conflict between the Turkish state and the Kurds.

The above demonstrates that the Turkish president’s claims are not credible.

Source: State Information Service Egypt