Frem offers Energy Minister solution to Zouk plant

Member of Parliament, Nehmat Frem, said on Wednesday that the solution to the electricity perils and their ecological impact in Keserwan, specifically in Zouk factory, as well as in Jiyeh plant, was by shifting to gas energy in new and innovative methods.

“The new technology for producing electric power from gas saves $100 million a year. It would be enough to adopt the technique of compressed natural gas at 250 bars, which is known to be cheap,” Frem explained after his meeting with Minister of Energy, Nada Boustani.

Frem added that the solution he had proposed to the minister was based on gas imported from Egypt, “which is ready to provide us with the quantity needed for the prices we are asking for.”

“If we opt for gas power generation in Zouk before the end of next summer, which is in less than six months, we will be able to put an end to the devastating ecological impact, which the inhabitants of Keserwan have long suffered from, not to mention the financial sums that this project could spare the public treasury, “he concluded.

Source: National News Agency