Free Egyptians Party: two members received death threats

Shehab Wagih, spokesperson for the Free Egyptians Party, condemned death threats two members of his party received.

Amir Sawiris, a member of the party's secretariat in Sharqia, received an email containing sectarian language as well as an outright death threat, the party's official Facebook page quoted Wagih as saying on Sunsay. The message was signed by a jihadist group.

Samar Fouda, daughter of the late writer and thinker Farag Fouda, received a similar threat on Twitter.

Wagih blamed the verbal attacks on the current state of political polarization in Egypt, and on sectarian tensions stoked by the current regime.

Wagih said that Sawiris had reported the incident and he added that he would hold President Mohamed Morsy and security institutions responsible should any harm befall Egyptian citizens at the hands of extremists.

"The Freedom and Justice Party and all liberal powers will perservere on the path to liberating Egypt and will not be deterred by attempts to intimidate them," he said.