FM Shoukry holds dialogue session with members of the Institute of International & European Affairs in Ireland

During his current visit to the Irish capital Dublin, on February 18, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry held a dialogue session with members of the Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA). The dialogue addressed recent developments in the Middle East Region, in addition to the Egyptian view toward overall regional issues.

Official MFA Spokesperson, Counselor Ahmed Hafez, stated that at the beginning of the session, Foreign Minister Shoukry broached current challenges witnessed in the Middle East on all political, security, and economic fronts. Naturally, these are transboundary challenges and their effects extend to a number of states and regions all over the world. In this context, the Foreign Minister noted the importance of everyone giving the necessary attention to reinforce frameworks of dialogue and cooperation to reach joint-action mechanisms that would confront these challenges efficiently and effectively.

The Official Spokesperson added that FM Shoukry also surveyed the latest developments in the region, including the Syrian crisis, as well as, the situations in Libya and Yemen. He emphasized Egypt’s firm position, which is based on maintaining the unity and safety of the nation state in all Arab countries, and on advancing political solutions to reach a peaceful resolution to all regional crises, in a manner that would meet the legitimate ambitions of Arab peoples. The Foreign Minister further emphasized the continuation of efforts aiming to support counterterrorism and combating its nurturing environment.

Concluding his remarks, Counselor Hafez mentioned that FM Shoukry, also stressed the centrality of the Palestinian issue to Arab peoples, and to achieving stability across the entire region. This would happen by reaching a just and comprehensive peace between Palestinians and Israelis based on the two-state solution. He noted the continuation of the firm Egyptian position toward the Palestinian issue, which supports all the legitimate and unwavering rights of the Palestinian people. The Foreign Minister stressed the continuation of Egyptian efforts aiming to unite Palestinians, and alleviate the humanitarian suffering of brothers all over the Palestinian Territories.

Notably, a consultative meeting is scheduled to be held tomorrow between a number of foreign ministers. It was called for by the Irish side to discuss the latest developments pertaining to the peace process in the Middle East.

Source: State Information Service Egypt