Fifth Digital Marketing Day

The Information Technology Institute (ITI), in collaboration with the Bibliotheca Alexandria (BA), will hold the Fifth Digital Marketing Day under the theme “Latest Trends and Techniques of Digital Marketing for Business Success”, at BA premises, on March 24, which seeks to recognize trends and techniques of modern digital marketing and its role in business success.

The Day addresses a range of key trends and techniques of digital marketing, including how the marketing research in the field of mobile application development can be conducted, and the integration and automation of digital marketing. The event also presents the success stories of businessmen and entrepreneurs whose project success was based mainly on the digital marketing, as well as the key strategies and techniques that they adopted.

ITI will also introduce human calibers specialized in the field of digital marketing from the first intake graduates of ITI Digital Marketing grant, which aims to develop the field of digital marketing in Egypt, in particular, and the Middle East and North Africa, in general.

In a related context, ITI will also hold a workshop on March 26 under the theme “The Establishment and Implementation of a Successful Strategy Plan for Digital Marketing”, reviewing, in practical, detailed steps to set and implement a successful strategy plan for digital marketing starting from researching the market, analyzing competitors and identifying target groups.

This is in addition to setting goals, selecting the most appropriate marketing channels and identifying the appropriate budget to achieve goals set and best means for digital marketing automation.

Source: All Africa