Euromoney Conference to debate how to accelerate Egyptian economy

In advance of the annual Euromoney Egypt Conference scheduled for 24-25 September in Cairo, Richard Banks, Director, Emerging Markets, Euromoney Conferences, hosted a media briefing today to provide insights on the main topics to be discussed during the country’s largest and most important financial event in Egypt.

“It is vital that the Euromoney Egypt Conference take place this year, despite the current instability in Egypt. We will again provide the platform for urgent discussions on Egypt’s financial, investment and economic future,” he said. “This is our 19th year in Egypt and we remain strongly committed to the economic development of the nation – whatever the political situation.”

Banks outlined the main objectives of the 2013 Euromoney Egypt Conference, including the need for viable and inclusive dialogue on the true state of the Egyptian economy and the impact of instability on domestic and foreign investment. The conference will include high-profile speakers from both the public and private sectors who will discuss the interim government’s economic strategy, financing the deficit, and the longer-term view of Egypt’s economy.

“The focus will be on the nuts and bolts of getting finance and industry moving again as well as the incremental changes that are possible in the current climate.”

As every year, the invitation-only Euromoney Egypt Conference 2013 will feature speeches by policymakers as well as interactive panel discussions and workshops. Euromoney Conferences, the world’s leading organiser of conferences for capital markets and cross border investment, has a long and successful history of working with Egypt based on editorial independence and the belief in fostering partnerships to benefit the Egyptian people.

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