Erian: Majority of Egyptians oppose “coup”

Muslim Brotherhood leader Essam al-Erian has claimed that a majority of Egyptians are the "military coup" that ousted Mohamed Morsy from the presidency on 3 July.

“President Mohamed Morsy will sail the nation’s ship to safety," Erian said on his Facebook page on Thursday. He stressed that most Egyptians want to “resume the establishment of constitutional institutions and going to parliamentary polls in light of the Constitution they approved under the president they elected."

Erian slammed Egypt's first post-Morsy national reconciliation session chaired by interim President Adly Mansour on Wednesday, attended by a number of political figures but boycotted by the Brotherhood and its Islamist allies.

“Apparently, the pro-coup camp is merely a group of contentious partners, therefore they attended the reconciliation meeting alone," Erian said. “Indeed, they need reconciliation with themselves before the fascist, bloody military coup ends up in total failure."