Electricity official says power outage crisis resolved

An official from the Ministry of Electricity and Energy said on Saturday that natural gas supplies in Egypt's power plants had been replenished, pointing out that there have been no power cuts across the nation since Friday.  

Blackouts, imposed with the purpose of easing pressure on electric grids, have not occurred since yesterday, an official source told MENA on Saturday. From here on out, power outages will only take place during maintenance work, the source added.  

The source was adamant that the electricity sector was keen to avoid blackouts, especially during the current period of exams. The Ministry of Elecrticity and Energy and the Ministry of Petroleum work together to provide the natural gas necessary to run power plants, he added.

Electricity cuts have increased in Egypt in recent months after the cash-strapped country failed to import sufficient fuel. In March, the Ministry of Petroleum blamed the power cuts on the state-run electricity industry's inability to secure the necessary funds to import fuel. But fears of severe summer power shortages have eased in recent weeks after Qatar and Libya pledged to offer support.

Edited translation from MENA