CAIRO, Egypt, Sept 5 – Egyptian President, Abdelfattah Al-Sisi, on Thursday highlighted the importance of security cooperation with Italy, especially in the combat against terrorism and illegal migration.

During his meeting with Italy’s Interior Minister, Angelino Alfano, and Director General of Public Security and Police Chief, Alessandro Pansa, Al-Sisi lauded the security coordination with Rome, presidential spokesman, Ihab Badawi, said.

The Egyptian Interior Minister, Mohammad Ibrahim, and the Italian Ambassador in Cairo, Maurizio Massari, attended the meeting.

Egypt is looking forward to boosting ties with the European Union (EU), during the Italian six-month rotational presidency of the bloc, especially for countering terrorism in the region, which can reach Europe, Al-Sisi warned.

He also pointed to the potential danger of Europeans involved in the region’s conflicts, in case they return home, Badawi said.

For his part, the Italian Interior Minister, pointed to the convergence of views between Cairo and Rome, on the necessity of maintaining security and stability in the Mediterranean Basin, as one of the balancing centres of international stability.

He said, Europe has to promote cooperation with the influential states in the region, especially those enjoying security and political stability.

The meeting also reviewed the security and political risks in some of the region’s countries, especially Libya. They urged the international community to join efforts, to restore stability to the country.