Egypt’s Navy Rescues All Aboard Sunken Cargo Ship

The Egyptian navy rescued all passengers and crew aboard a sunken cargo ship in the Red Sea on Sunday morning, the army spokesman said.

The navy received distress signals from the ship, immediately issuing orders to dispatch rescue units, Spokesman Mohamed Samir said in a statement.

The media spokesman for Egypt’s Red Sea ports authority, Abdelrehim Mostafa said the ship was carrying 37 individuals and 43 cargo trucks, in remarks made to the press.

The ship suddenly listed to one side because the all of the cargo trucks were moved to one side of the ship, Mostafa added.

The ship had earlier left the Safaga port and was on its way to the Saudi Duba port, on the other side of the Red Sea.

Samir said crew and passengers were provided with first aid, until they reached the Safaga port in southeast Egypt, where an ambulance was waiting to carry the injured to hospital.

Mostafa said no one was injured in the incident.

Egyptian Transportation Minister Hany Dahy decided to form a committee to investigate the circumstances surrounding the sinking.