Egypt’s Economy Exceeds Expectations in 2014-2015

Finance minister said Tuesday 14/7/2015 the Egyptian economy has beaten the most optimistic forecasts during 2014-2015 despite the challenges it faced.

Hani Qadri ascribed the positive economic fundamentals and achievements to the enormous efforts of the Egyptians in different fields.

In his statement, Qadri said the civil servant law ensuring a periodic increase in the salaries in the government by five percent, stressing the importance of motivating workers morally, adding this motivation was no less important than the financial incentives.

The minister added the civil servant law included many advantages such as occupying public vacancies via announcements on the government website, increasing the career hierarchy to 16 levels instead of only six to reduce the periods between each promotion, and increasing the annual leave to 45 days for the people with special needs.