Egyptians Take to Megakheir APP to Make Charity Donations During Ramadhan

Muslims across Egypt making charitable donations during Ramadan, a traditional time of giving in Islam, can now do so via TA Telecom’s new Megakheir mobile app, rather than SMS.

The app, currently available on Android, the most popular operating system in the Middle East, allows users to send hundreds of SMS donation messages in one go, providing smartphone users with the opportunity to make bigger donations more quickly and easily.

Without this app, users are limited by legislation to sending one SMS per 70 cents US. For those wishing to donate USD 5 (EGP 35), this equates to approximately 7 SMSs, USD 20 (EGP 140) for 28 SMSs or an unwieldy USD 100 for 140 SMSs.

The app also has a ‘shake to donate’ feature – when users shake their smartphones the app generates a charity at random and provides background information and the option to donate. The app provides information about each legitimate charity or NGO, and allows users to track progress towards donation targets and goals.

TA Telecom’s original Megakheir service, when launched in 2010 was the first and only SMS donation platform in Egypt. It is responsible for more than 95 per cent of the mobile donations raised in the country.

Amr Shady, CEO and co-founder of TA Telecom, the Middle East and Africa’s premier mobile platform, says: “The mobile phone is the most trusted, ubiquitous device for so many of us, not only in Egypt but across the Middle East and Africa. Now, when we are reminded about the importance of charitable giving, we can act on impulse very quickly and make a donation at the touch of a button, or in fact the shake of a smartphone, with our preferred device.

“Over a quarter of a million (284,632) individuals donated USD 484,702 to charities through the Megakheir service last Ramadan. With all the added benefits that the app brings, we expect to see even more donations come through the service this year.”

Ramadan ends on 28th July 2014, after which TA Telecom will release donation figures and statistics from the Megakheir platform.

TA Telecom is value-added service provider in the Middle East and Africa, founded in 2000 when the region had single-digit mobile penetration. The company is positioned to become the Middle East and Africa’s premier mobile platform for time – and location-specific content, offering its services to approximately ten million end-users in Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, and soon, Libya and Kenya.

Source : CIO East Africa