Egyptian Security Delegation Arrives In Gaza For Talks With Hamas Leaders

GAZA, Palestine� A senior Egyptian intelligence delegation, arrived in Gaza on Wednesday night, to hold talks with Islamic Hamas movement leaders, on further defusing tension in the strip with Israel.

Security officials in Gaza said, the delegation, led by General Ahmad Abdul-Khaleq, arrived in the enclave, coming from Israel, through the Erez crossing point, on the border between northern Gaza and Israel.

Upon arrival, the delegation held talks with Hamas leaders and other factions, on reaching calm with Israel and defusing tension that has been mounting since Sunday.

After a rocket was fired from Gaza into central Israel, where several houses were destroyed and seven Israelis wounded in northern Tel Aviv, tension between Gaza’s Hamas-led militants has been escalating with Israel.

Israeli war planes carried out more than 50 air strikes on Hamas security compounds and facilities, including the headquarters of Hamas politburo chief, Ismail Haniyeh, in Gaza city.