CAIRO, Nov 11 — Egypt’s President Abdulfattah Al-Sisi revealed that the last stage of his nation’s three-pronged political “roadmap” – holding legislative elections – would be achieved just before an international economic forum, slated during the first quarter of 2015.

The president was speaking to representatives of 63 visiting US companies, specializing in all sectors from energy to construction, as well as members of the chambers of commerce of both nations on Monday.

In a bid to assure the attendees over the stability of conducting business in Egypt and to encourage them to make the move, he said it was necessary to assess the political landscape in Egypt from an “Egyptian perspective not an American one,” according to his spokesman.

Democracy is an “expanding process”, he said, and should not be used as a means to gain authority then neglect it, breach the constitution and law, and disregard the free will of the Egyptian people, whom had demanded a change of power.

This is the reason why democracy should be given the time and opportunity to mature, and the Egyptian people be given the chance to become more familiar with democracy’s benefits and negativities.