The Egyptian cabinet fired its justice minister, Ahmed al-Zind, over his remarks, which were considered offensive to Islam’s Prophet Mohammed.

During a TV interview on Friday, Justice Minister, Ahmed al-Zind said, he would jail anyone who defamed him or his family “even if he was a prophet,” referring to Islam’s Prophet Mohammed, who is highly revered by each and every Muslim.

Zind’s remarks led to outrage on social media, over the last couple of days, with an online campaign demanding Zind be tried.

Zind later declared that it was a mere slip of the tongue.

Immediately after the interview, Zind realised the gravity of what he said and attempted to rectify it by saying, “I ask for God’s forgiveness,” explaining further that his phrase meant that wrongdoers must be punished irrespective of their status.

The most prestigious learning centre for Sunni Muslims in Egypt, Al-Azhar, additionally warned, on Sunday, against similar remarks.

Zind had previously caused a similar furore in Jan, when saying, “10,000 people must be killed, in retaliation for the death of a single policeman or soldier,” obviously implying members of the now banned Muslim Brotherhood group and their supporters.

Source: MENA