Egyptian Court Confirms 20 Death Sentences Over Killing of Policemen

Egypt’s highest court upheld the death sentences Monday given to 20 people convicted over a deadly attack on a police station in 2013, judicial sources and the state-run MENA news agency said.

The Court of Cassation, whose rulings are final and cannot be appealed, also confirmed the life sentences handed out to 80 defendants and 15-year prison terms for 34 others.

A police station in the pro-Muslim Brotherhood neighborhood of Kerdasa near Cairo was attacked in August 2013, just hours after security forces killed hundreds of people in a crackdown on a pro-Brotherhood sit-in in the capital.

The sit-in was held to protest the military overthrow of the Brotherhood’s Mohamed Mursi from the presidency the previous month. The military was led at the time by General Abdel Fattah el-Sissi, who became president a year later.

Earlier this month, a court sentenced 75 people to death over the 2013 sit-in.

Since 2013, Egyptian criminal courts have issued hundreds of death sentences, although few have been carried out.

On Sunday, a court issued the latest in a number of life sentences against Mohamed Badie, the outlawed Brotherhood’s leader, over violent protests in the Minya governorate in August 2013.

Source: Voice of America