Egyptian-Bahraini military drills wrap up

The military exercise (Hamad -3) – carried out by the Egyptian and Bahraini naval and air troops for several days in Bahrain – wrapped up on Monday 28/1/2019.

The two countries’ naval forces carried out reconnaissance operations against certain targets and trained to deal with high efficiency with naval targets in addition to avoiding mines and confronting attacks at ports.

The troops used live ammunition during their exercise.

Air forces were trained to use modern techniques in attacking targets in addition to making good preparations ahead of taking off.

Bahrian’s Assistant Chief of Staff for Human Resources Major General Sheikh Ali bin Rashid al Khalifa said his country is looking forward to exchanging military expertise with Egypt, hoping that more joint drills will be held in the coming years.

He lauded the distinguished performance of the forces that took part in the exercises.

The exercises are part of a series of joint drills which the Egyptian Armed Forces carry out to exchange expertise with various countries.

Source: State Information Service Egypt