Egyptian ambassador visits Derian: To form a government at earliest opportunity

Grand Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, received at Dar El-Fatwa the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Lebanon, Nazih Al-Najari who uttered, in the wake of the meeting, Egyptian interest in forming a government in Lebanon as soon as possible, hoping “Lebanon would succeed in forming a government at the earliest possible opportunity,” and wishing “Prime Minister-designate Hariri’s efforts would be crowned with success.”

“We relayed a message from the Egyptian leadership to the political leaders in Lebanon to work to accelerate the formation of the government for the sake of Lebanon’s stability, and to contribute in one way or another to the stability of the region,” he said, noting that this advice “does not reflect in any way an interfere in the country’s internal affairs.”

Source: National News Agency