Egyptian-Algerian trade exchange hits dlrs 201.4 mln in Q1 of 2019- body

The volume of the Egyptian-Algerian trade exchange rose 42.4 percent in the first quarter of 2019 to reach dlrs 201.4 million up from dlrs 141.4 million in the same period 2018.

In a recent report on the Egyptian-Algerian trade ties, the Egyptian Commercial Services said that Egypt’s exports to Algeria increased 11 percent in Q1 2019, amounting to dlrs 137.2 million up from dlrs 123.6 million in Q1 of 2018.

The Egyptian non-oil exports went up 33.4 percent, however, the Algerian imports in the same category in general declined 2.4 percent, according to Algerian official statistics.

In the meantime, the Egyptian imports from Algeria jumped 261 percent to reach dlrs 64.2 million in Q1 of 2019 against dlrs 17.8 million in Q1 of 2018.

Source: State Information Service Egypt