Egypt urges Turkey to place historical ties above partisan interests

Badr Abdel Aaty, spokesperson for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, said relations between Egypt and Turkey are balanced in nature and based on mutual respect.

Abdel Aaty called on Turkey to refrain from intervening in Egyptian affairs and to put historical interests between the two countries above narrow partisan interests.

In an interview with Al Arabiya satellite channel on Thursday, Abdel Aaty said Egyptian diplomats have informed Turkey of Egypt's total rejection of its interference in its internal affairs and of Turkish officials' insistence on describing the developments that took place in Egypt as a military coup.

Meanwhile, Mohamed Abdel Qader, an expert in Turkish affairs at Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, said that Turkey has supported political Islam movements in the region because it considers them a vehicle for its project to control the Middle East.

Also in an interview with Al Arabiya on Thursday, Abdel Qader added that Turkey has bolstered the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, both financially and morally, to help it rise to power and that it was the first country to welcome former President Mohamed Morsy's election last year.

The main difference between Turkey's Justice and Development Party and Egypt's Brotherhood is that while the former sought common ground with the opposition, the Brotherhood wanted to establish their hegemony over the state, he added.

Edited translation from MENA