Egypt: UNHRC Not in Need of Advice From Countries “With Violations” – Egypt’s Envoy

Egypt’s permanent delegate to the Geneva-based UN headquarters Amr Ramadan said on Friday that the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is not in need of advice from countries that violate human rights without being held accountable and insist to turn the council into a forum for slandering and trading accusations to cover up their own problems.

The senior diplomat’s remarks were made in response to statements by the US deputy secretary of state before the UNHRC.

“The US deputy secretary of state should have tackled his country’s stance towards human rights violations and the measures it plans to take to address such abuses, including in Guantanamo detention center that President Barack Obama promised to close eight years ago,” Ramadan said.

“It is demanded not only to close the Guantanamo prison but also to hold accountable those who were responsible for the abuses that took place inside it,” he added.

He condemned the US Department of State’s opposition to resolutions regarding the human rights situation in the Palestinian territories, and a demand by the US secretary of State and his deputy to cancel a section on Palestine on the agenda of the UNHRC.

“Such calls represent an attempt to silence voices on the biggest injustice and longest violations the modern history has seen for 68 years now,” he said, in reference to the Israeli violations against the Palestinians.

Meanwhile, Ramadan voiced deep concern over the arrest of a 23-year-old Egyptian student in California for expressing his opinion on US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Source: MENA